No Weaving, Knotted DIY Large Wall Hanging

January 19, 2017

It’s taken me awhile to figure out a ‘mantra’ for 2017, but I think I got it now. 2017 is the year I ‘say no to being timid’. But because this isn’t a resolutions post, I’m just going to say this diy fits the bill. This had been sitting in my project queue for too long but I was scared when there were so many great wall hanging tutorials already out there and how much it would cost for a project I wasn’t sure I could pull off. Well I’m glad I finally got off my butt and did something about it because look at this Pantone cutey!

wall hanging

This started with a trip to the holy grail of inspiration, IKEA. I was looking for picture frames when these rattan hula hoops caught my eye. $18 for 2 ginormous, natural rattan hoops! I might have squealed and happy danced all the way to check out! Besides the hoops (I used the smaller of the two to better fit the standard dowel length) you’ll need:

 rattan hoop | wool roving | knotted yarn | oak dowel | natural rope

I used 4 oz. of each roving (the green fluffy stuff) and half a skein of yarn. The knotted white yarn was an easy way to add texture to the hanging without any extra effort on my part (win!). PSA: Oak dowels best match rattan’s color and texture.

wall hanging

To frame out the piece by securing the dowel to the hoop using a Japanese Square Latch with natural rope. This knot is perfect for 2 perpendicular pieces and looks just as pretty from the front as the back. After this project I’m convinced I could build a raft.

wall hanging

With the dowel secured, start tieing on the yarn and roving using lark’s head knots as seen above or in this video. This basic macrame starting knot is very therapeutic once you get into a rhythm!

wall hanging

Use a Dropper Loop Fishing Knot and secure it with a basic hitch on both sides to create a hanging loop. I’m pretty amazed that a few simple loops are so secure, but here he hangs proudly on the wall.

Tips on working with roving: Roving is very soft and will loose it’s ‘togetherness’ if played with too much! The extra knots originally came from tying extra roving on to give it more length and volume. Then I discovered bobby pins work just as well on keeping roving in place as hair and kept the knots for looks 😉

To get nice, soft tails on the roving (if you cut straight across a bunch you’ll get a very blunt end) take a small comb and pull the ends through.

wall hanging

wall hanging

Now I just can’t decide where he goes- he was always supposed to go above our bed, but he looks so at home in the dining room. Though with the rattan 2-pack, I can always make another!

What are your goals for 2017? I’d love to hear from you!

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