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5 Trader Joe’s Fall Favorites for a Low Key Thanksgiving

November 21, 2017

Thanksgiving Picks Trader Joes

Last year we hosted Friendsgiving in our small apartment in Chicago, making do with 0 counter space, one kitchen cart, and a one rack oven. When hosting, I’m all about looking for easier ways to add special touches so you can actually enjoy hosting instead of running around. A handful of Trader Joe’s items helped make it happen for us, so I’m passing along our 5 Trader Joe’s Fall Favorites to help you. You can even use the printable grocery list from last week to remember 😉

Trader Joe's Fall Favorites

For Setting The Table

The easiest way to dress up a table in no time flat is to add some fresh flowers to the mix. For real, just look on Pinterest. People are adding flowers to basic cocktails and pies and it always looks good. Trader Joe’s has really beautiful pre-made arrangements at amazing prices.

Trader Joe's Fall Favorites

For A Sweet Surprise

My favorite place settings are the ones with a little something sweet to nom while the dishes are still being brought out. These dark chocolate, caramel, peanut butter truffles are my stash secret. These and the dark chocolate, sea salt chips, but those are much harder to display. The copper foil is so pretty next to the flowers!

Thanksgiving Picks Trader Joes

For Starters

While homemade butternut squash soup does beat the boxed version, Trader Joe’s has an excellent substitute when your oven can’t fit a turkey, pie, and squash at the same time. Heat on the stovetop and punch up with sour cream and red pepper flakes.

Thanksgiving Picks Trader Joes

For Those That Pass On Pie

Skipping right over main courses 1) because I believe in roasting turkey once a year 2) we usually just buy fresh produce from Trader Joe’s so I haven’t tested the frozen Thanksgiving options enough times. (but if you’re looking for sides, deff try savory, roasted Brussel sprouts!)

But the pumpkin bread mix? Once that first leaf of fall hits the ground, these muffins go straight into the oven. The mix alone is a bit dry, so I make a honey-sugar glaze to drizzle on top with chopped pecans.


For the Leftover Rolls

Turkey clubs are classic next day fare. But by that 5th one, give your taste buds a break with a sweet option. Leftover rolls with pumpkin butter for breakfast, leftover rolls with pumpkin butter for dessert. Happy dance all day.

Thanksgiving Picks Trader Joes

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