How to Host Overnight Guests in a Small Apartment

November 22, 2016

host bedrooom

Fun fact about me: I studied Industrial Design in school and part of our training was User Experience. That phrase boils down to understanding potential users’s habits, wants, and needs. Imagining how someone else experiences things is a lot of fun, so let’s imagine we’re guests staying in a small apartment. Room by room, going through a day as a guest. First stop: The bedroom.

So ‘bedroom’ might be a stretch in a small space, but ‘sleeping place’ doesn’t sound quite as inviting. Whether an air mattress, couch, or for the lucky duck who gets a bed, the easiest way to make guests feel welcome to to show them the space that will be theirs for the visit. Besides the obvious of clean linens & towels what can you do?

In our apartment we give guests a bed in the living room with a dedicated side-table. Keys, bags, watches. All personal items within reach that makes an unfamiliar place homey. A tray for trinkets, a candle for cozy, a wifi card and water by the bed goes a long way.

So after they’ve dumped their things, where to? The bathroom!

host bathroom

If the bathroom wasn’t the first emergency stop, it will definitely be next. Bathrooms feel very personal- all your upkeep products are there! To avoid any awkward feelings or freezing mid shower questions, keep items you’re open to sharing in plain view, point them out (plus where toliet paper is stored!), and maybe hide your razor for the weekend.

Phew, almost done with the house tour. Time to relax in the living room!

host living room

If you’re not planning on spending every waking second with your guest, show them how the entertainment system works. I like to leave out text heavy coffee table books so if someone forgot reading material they’re covered. My favorite is a local magazine that features different neighborhood shops.

Pro tip: Local coffee shops in your area probably have similar magazines! They might have local attractions or events listed that can help plan the weekend.

After hanging out & jet lagged blissful sleep, it’s breakfast time.

host breakfast

Are you a coffee or tea person? Cereal or bagel? I’ve found everyone has very different breakfast preferences and that it’s uncomfortable to have to ask where the food is, especially if you’re a guest and wake up before your hosts! Do some shopping beforehand (and possibly definitely a coffee bar) based on your guest’s noshing habits to clench the ‘hostess with the mostess’ title.

If you’re looking for some guest impressing breakfast’s, try our citrus breakfast bowl or spiced stout pancakes. Big brunch approved.

You have any tips to making guests feel welcomed? Did you like going through the day as a guest? Let me know what you think!

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