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Simple + Modern DIY Holiday Wall Art

December 8, 2016

holiday wall art

This year Michael and I are only going to be in our apartment half of December. While we’re excited to be spending time with our families, it’s hard to get invested in decorating our own little nest for Christmas knowing that it won’t be enjoyed. And so today’s post was born! I’ve been looking for quick, cheap, and easy ways to get corners of the place Santa ready. Switch out some of your wall art with me to turn your holidaze back into happy holidays.

holiday wall art

Sharpie Paint Pen
large art paper

I love this Sharpie paint pen! It’s beautifully opaque and doesn’t crinkle the paper like other paint pens. Just make sure to follow the pen directions to get the paint flowing evenly.

Practice a few strokes on a scrap piece of paper. Have fun layering different strokes together for a dynamic look. I laid out real fir branches on my paper for composition and form inspiration then just got to it! Though it’s in a frame now,  I might be reusing this as wrapping paper at the end of the month.

holiday wall artholiday wall art

Holiday Expert Pro Tip: Get free tree trimmings from your local Home Depot in the garden section! Try to get there early because they clear out fast. They make great garland- throw them on any flat, mantle-like surface in your apartment to get the place smelling amazing.

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