Citrus Mint Smash

July 5, 2016

Citrus Mint Smash

Remember that Cara Cara syrup recipe from before the laptop incident? Well, this cocktail has been sitting in the archives waiting for editing and it’s finally here! This Citrus Mint Smash just edged out Mojitos in my rankings of ‘most refreshing drinks’.

Citrus and mint are truly the flavors of summer. A splash of gin really makes it a party.  By using the flavored Cara Cara syrup, we can cut down the ingredient list and steps for this smash. Easy, refreshing, & beautiful.

Citrus Mint Smash

Citrus Mint Smash | makes 1
2 oz. Cara Cara syrup
2 oz. dry Gin
mint sprig
club soda
orange slice

Gently ‘spank’ the mint leaves to wake up their flavor, then muddle with the syrup. Add ice, the muddled syrup, & gin to your cocktail shaker. With your best bartending skills, shake it like a Polaroid picture until cold.

Pour the cocktail over ice and top off with club soda and an orange garnish. The fizz creates a really beautiful gradient.

Citrus Mint Smash

Cocktail Making Tips + Tricks

When muddling, start lightly. If the herbs tear they become bitter.

To chill cocktails without watering them down, add as much ice as possible to the cocktail shaker. This way you’ll increase how much ice surface area the cocktail touches with less shakes.
 Citrus Mint Smash
Citrus Mint Smash

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