Breezy 5 Minute DIY Summer Rope Necklace

July 27, 2017

Summer Rope Necklace DIY DIY Summer Rope Necklace

This summer, more than ever, I’m feeling the call for straw hats and rope details. And while I’m still on the hunt for that perfect head topper, my lust for rope has been satiated with this diy necklace. And it’s so easy, it’s the perfect diy for a lazy summer crafternoon!

Summer Rope Necklace DIY

Initially I was playing with different knot techniques to make a big, statement piece but ended up wanting a smidge of color to brighten up the white rope. The pack of embroidery floss linked below has such a great color range! With 100 ft of clothing line, I might have to make one with every color.

You’ll Need
cotton clothing line
embroidery floss

Measure out your length of rope so it is long enough to loop over your head twice. Because the two loops of the necklace are bound together, if you want your necklace smaller than can fit over your head you’ll have to make the two loops separate pieces.

Summer Rope Necklace DIY

At one end of your rope, make a simple knot. On the other end, loop a bit over itself and tie with embroidery floss. Make sure the knot from the other side can fit inside the loop snugly. Tightly wind the floss around the rope, tie off, add a tiny bit of glue to the knot, and trim any overhang. If you’re using a long setting glue, keep the floss end pinned down and trim once completely dry.

I love how intentional this option looks. You can also finish it off neatly by overlapping the rope ends and binding them together with the floss with the same technique.

Summer Rope Necklace DIY

Next, slip on your necklace to find where you want the two loops to meet. Repeat the same binding steps. Throw the finished piece over a tank and march yourself to the beach!

Summer Rope Necklace DIY

I can’t get over this peachy pink and how wearable it is! This necklace and my painted bandana were so easy to toss in a suitcase, they made it with us to Japan!

What summer pieces are you loving? What’s been your favorite summer project?

Summer Rope Necklace DIY

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    1. Catherine Post author

      Hi Norak! It was from Anthropologie’s summer sale. It looks like the green is out, but if you search ‘Sleeveless Linen Swing Top’ they have it in white, gold, and purple 🙂


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