Knot Today : No Sew, Turkish Beach Towel to Beach Bag with 3 Knot Trick

July 13, 2017

turkish beach towel beach bag

The one thing I missed while living in Chicago was the beach. A real beach. *shade thrown*. Now that we’re back in Florida, I can finally get contextual shots of projects that have been on the brain for 2 years. The worst part of going to the beach is lugging a caravan of stuff with you. There’s your beach bag, beach towel (that if in the beach bag takes up way too much space), sunscreen, your summer lit, drink of choice, and sunnies at bare minimum. Phew. Let’s clean up the biggest problem of your towel taking up your whole beach bag by making it the solution.

turkish beach towel beach bag

With just 3 knots, this is easier than folding those fortune tellers from middle school. Turkish towels are perfect for this as they are so much lighter than canvas or woven straw bags. And strong! (more on this later)

We were also dog sitting the family’s dog and he was adamant about being a part of the tutorial. He might have felt a smidge of regret at the end.

You’ll Need
turkish towel
cute dog for demonstration (optional)

1 | Start with your towel laid flat. Bring 2 diagonal corners together. This is your ‘A’ point.

2 | Right at the corners where the two sides meet, you’ll make knot ‘B’ and ‘C’. Don’t worry about the overhang on the ‘C’ side. We’ll tuck that in later. Tip for knotting towels- focus on just creating the knot first and not worrying about how big it is. You can slide it down to tighten.

3 | Turn the whole thing inside out so ‘B’ and ‘C’ knots are inside.

4 | Tie the ‘A’ points together.

5 | Tuck the extra sides in, or leave it out as a fun tassel detail!

turkish beach towel beach bag

And just to fully demonstrate just how spacious and strong this beach bag really is….

turkish beach towel beach bag

Snug as a bug in almost a rug. And we probably could’ve fit 2 more pups in there.

turkish beach towel beach bag

turkish beach towel beach bag

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