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DIY Skeleton Fingers + #Halloqueen Crown

October 25, 2016

halloqueen crown

This week’s Halloween DIY might be my favorite yet! With an easy to make crown, you can go from Ghoul Next Door to Halloqueen faster than you can say Hocus Pocus.

skeleton finger

Skeleton Fingers
First you’ll need to make some skeleton fingers. I ultimately used them for the Halloqueen crown, but I could also see these being perfect table decor or festive plant tags. 

aluminum foil
coarse paintbrush
white + black paint

1| Roll up and mold a piece of foil to roughly a finger shape & size. Something tube shaped that tapers off towards the tip is perfect!

2| Wrap the foil in clay. The foil core will keep the finger light and easy to mold while creating the shape.

3| After the foil has been completely covered, carve out rough knuckle lines.

4| To add a little something extra to the fingers, create ridges along the top of the fingers and towards the knuckle joints with a ‘pinching together’ motion.

5| Bake/dry according to clay directions. If you’re planning on stringing these or attaching them elsewhere, pierce the fingers with wire before drying.

6| Once cooled, paint the fingers with the same layered stippling technique used in the faux stone skulls diy.

skeleton fingerskeleton fingerskeleton finger skeleton finger skeleton finger skeleton finger
halloqueen crown

Halloqueen Crown
With the skeleton fingers done, on to the pumpkin on top! Using a thick wire base, this crown can easily be adapted for any event. I went for silk flowers over real ones a) because white roses are impossible to find in Chicago b) my hot glue gun is bae c) all this work and I can wear it for years to come. But if any florist in the area wants to collaborate for a Thanksgiving of Christmas crown….

12 gauge wire (in your hair color)
skeleton fingers
silk flowers
hot glue

1| Gently bend the wire into an open circlet, curling the ends inward to avoid them poking into your head later. The crown is more flexible in a circlet form so you don’t have to worry about fit as much. I thread 2 bobby pins into the end circles to make the crown stay put, but you could also loop ribbon through and tie it off.

2| To support the fingers, add another piece of wire bent into a semi circle. Hot glue the joints to keep it standing up.

3| Using the wire inserted into the fingers before baking, twist tie each finger to the base and hot glue from the back to the support form.

4| With all the fingers attached, time for the flowers! There was no method here- I just cut and glued a bunch of black crysthanamum flowers I found in Michael’s Halloween section to the base and then to each other to get the full look.

halloqueen crown halloqueen crown halloqueen crownhalloqueen crownhalloqueen crown

Tada! Some Halloween magic for you. Hang tight for the accompanying makeup look this Thursday to really bring it all together.

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