Easter Placeholder | Pinch Pot Egg Holder DIY

March 17, 2016

egg holder diy

Hoppy Easter! I never realized how kid centered Easter was until this first year living away from home. I don’t particularly want to cover the apartment in neon eggs & bunny motifs, but still want to celebrate the holiday.

So at the intersection of candy overloaded Easter & new apartment living, there is brunch! Embrace having your own kitchen and host a small Easter brunch filled with as much adult drinks you can muster. These pinch pot egg holders are ridiculously easy to make. You can pop them in the oven in between meal preps and have them ready the day of. They look great with just a plain hard boiled egg or with an initial painted on.

“grey granite” polymer clay
large grain salt (optional)
initials sheet

egg holder diy

1| Each egg holder will use about an 1/8th of the polymer pack. Roll into a small ball.

2| Rolling the ball in salt will give it more texture later. The salt will indent the clay and bake off. Be careful not to mix the salt into the clay though- nothing bad will happen but the baked salt won’t come out.

3| Loosely pinch from the center outwards to create the holder’s shape. You can focus on pressing the salt grains deeper into the clay here.

4| Check to see if the pot will hold the egg, then bake at 275 F for 20 min.

egg holder diy

5| To paint initials on the eggs, I did a graphite transfer with the print out sheet. Rub a pencil across the back of the printout, place over the egg, and trace the initial using a blunt tip of a pen/pencil to transfer. Carefully trace over with white paint or a paint pen.

egg holder diy egg holder diy

Pair with a few baby’s breath clippings for an easy (and edible!) table decor.

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