Summer Honeymoon Travel Guide to Tokyo

November 9, 2017

Japan Summer Honeymoon Travel Guide Tokyo

Hello Tokyo! Our first stop on our Japan Summer Honeymoon. Our flights worked out that Tokyo bookended the trip, and I loved being able to take in the high energy of Tokyo at the start and then take a slower pace in the end. This is a very long summary of our day to day itinerary, and because we spent months going over what we wanted to do, mapping out the most efficient routes, etc, I figured it might help someone else. But also for Kyoto and Hokkaido, I’m strip these wayyyy down.

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Our Japan Summer Honeymoon, Intro

Japan Summer Honeymoon Travel Guide Intro

I am the worst at publishing major posts in a timely manner (like how the wedding posts came up oh, late summer) but now this truly feels like the last time I can reasonably get a summer post out without waiting until next year. Our early summer wedding led to a mid-summer honeymoon in what was an adventure and food-filled adventure.

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Last Minute DIY Macra-Madé in Heaven Costume

October 26, 2017

DIY Macra-Made in Heaven Costume

Puns and Halloween are my lifeblood. Nothing makes me happier than seeing Studio DIY’s pun-kins or all the clever cocktail names everytime I’m on Pinterest. Couple that with my desire to have a Halloween costume that is essentially already in my closet, plus one of the biggest DIY trends of the year, and you get this gem! Macra-Madé in Heaven. read more


Learning New Skills, Brainstorming New Series, & Wanting to Hear From You

October 19, 2017

curate crew, it’s polling time. I’ve been blogging for almost 2 years now and really have loved creating posts for you but I feel like I haven’t heard at all from you lovely readers. What posts have you liked? What have you hated? Are the series interesting or are you wondering ‘what series’?

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