Non-Toxic Way to Remove Labels from Glass Jars

February 23, 2016

how to get labels off glass jars, non toxic, 2 ingredients, easy

Easy life hack coming your way! I had this method lined up awhile go, but was just waiting for enough glass jars to pile up… Any-who, follow along for the easiest, non-toxic way to remove labels from glass jars.

a pot deep enough to surround your jar
3 T baking soda

Fill your pot & jar with water. With the jar submerged in the pot, bring the water to a boil. Very important to bring have the jar already in the water! It’ll keep it from experiencing an extreme change in temperature and keep it from cracking.

Once the water is boiling, add the baking soda and let sit for ~10 min. Using metal tongs, run your jar under warm water. The temperature should be safe to handle now to gently peel off the first layer of the label, leaving just the adhesive behind. Return the jar to the boiling water for another 10 minutes. Remove the jar, and gently use a sponge to remove the leftover adhesive. Depending on the kind of adhesive the label had, the last step might require a couple of passes in the bath.

Now your jars are label free and sanitized! Extra organisation points: I like to use chalkboard paint (from the Valentine’s candle DIY) on the tops. Several of the jars will be showing up later for a candle DIY too, so keep checking back!

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