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July 21, 2016

modern planters roundup

So Tuesday was the first post in The Dirt series. You got your spray bottle, the right soil, and are feeling pretty good about starting. Butttttttt your planter options are less than thrilling. Hopefully the first post drove home the importance of planters with drainage.

And while there is a certain appeal to a sill of terracotta (and ease), sometimes a garden needs something a little more. All the planters featured here for buying or diy-ing have drainage or can be easily adapted for drainage! You don’t have to sacrifice function or form. Links below followed by drainage adaptation suggestions.

1 | Concrete Planter (Paper & Stitch, DIY)
These are more of a planter cover. You can keep your plants in the plastic pot they came in and house it in these cute concrete homes.

2 | Self Watering Spun Copper Planter – Second Quality (Yield Design Co., $196)
One of my favorite design companies, and they’re from my home area! Huge shoutout to the beautiful work from Yield Design Co. In setting the ‘new American standard’, they occasionally sell second quality pieces at discounted rates.  This planter has built in drainage!

3 | Floating PVC Pipe Window Planter (A Beautiful Mess, DIY)
When drilling the main holes, just flip the pvc over and add a few, smaller drills to the bottom. You can add a colorful towel underneath as a drainage dish alternative!

4 | Small Freya Plant Hanger (Urban Outfitters, $29)
This hanger works as a hanging drainge dish. Add any pot on top for an interesting hanging piece.

5 | Grid Planter (Recreation Center, $70)
Another US made planter with built in drainage.  Josephine knocks it out of the park with her thoughtful and clever ceramics.

6 | Agave Planter Cozy (POPBYTS, $19)
This cozy keeps any 4″ planter extra adorable. All for adding different patterns & textures to collections, and the agave cozy does just that.

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