Hi! I’m Cat, a 20 something creative associate currently based in Florida.

‘ctrl + curate’ started with a move to Chicago with the promise of a freelance job that fell flat. Yikes. I was in a new city with no money and a lot of time. ctrl + curate was a way to push myself and still feel like my design degree was getting used. And, you know, to live cheaply.

I wish I was cool enough to have a whole FAQ section, but if you’re are curious about the name, it’s a nod to all the digital work I’ve done (yup, I was a pc user, a carry over from my 3D modeling days) and a reflection of what I want this blog to be- a curation of thoughtful living.

Questions or comments? Advertising or collaboration? I’m all ears. You can reach me at ctrlcurate@gmail.com.