Introducing New Series: The Dirt, Your Guide to Apartment Gardening

July 12, 2016

New Series: Apartment Garden

Hey everyone! That hiatus took a bit longer than expected. New laptop all set up, completely moved into the new place, and settled in at the new job. Phew! Now it’s solidly into summer and I can dive right into the series I’ve been most excited about bringing you guys: Apartment Gardening.

I’m sure you’ve seen all the gorgeous windowsill setups, modern plant stand diy’s, and adorable pots all over Pinterest. And when there’s so many, it gives you a sense of ‘If everyone can, I can’ right? Well, turns out gardening, especially indoors, is not as easy as picking out swoon worthy planters & popping in any plant. Some poor plants *might* have been sacrificed to the learning curves of this series.

Let’s all learn from my mistakes shall we? I’ll be dishing The Dirt on what I’ve learned and walk you through setting up a real, functional, indoor garden.

What’s to come?:
Find out what tools you really need
How to choosing the right pot
Harvest, Prune, & Propagate
Cocktail Garden
Tea Garden

And we won’t just leaf it there, we’ll through in some diy’s and bring the herbs into the kitchen for cocktails, teas, butters & salts! So put down some roots and get cozy. Lots more to come!

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