Gotta Hand it to Ya: DIY Hand Dish

January 8, 2016

Gotta Hand it to Ya: DIY Hand Dish

Each week of January will be dedicated to a new year’s goal. This week was dedicated to organization. We started off sharing a favorite planner roundup, and conclude with this DIY decor piece.

I’ve seen a few catch-all dish diy’s on pinterest, and was really intrigued by these palm charts [here and here]. To combine the two, I wanted to find a way to create a posed hand dish.

Gotta Hand it to Ya: DIY Hand Dish

1 packet, polymer clay
rolling pin
Exacto blade
aluminum foil

1| Roll out your clay to an even thickness. If you have a pasta machine, dust the parts in cornstarch and run the clay through for perfect consistency. Carefully cut around your hand. If you want to scale up or down, take a quick picture of your hand, print, and cut around the scaled image. To create the “finger spaces”, use the back of a small handle (like a paintbrush) to gently indent the clay. Any burs can be sanded after baking!

2| With your form cut, dust the edges in cornstarch. The cornstarch will prevent fingerprints as you smooth over the edges.

3| To create the mold, wrap your hand in aluminum foil. take care to gently form the foil into the desired position. Using scissors, you will create a seam on the back of the form to get your hand out. Stuff form with scrap aluminum foil.

4| Gently lay your clay hand on top of the form, taking care to arrange the thumb. Bake according to clay instructions. The back will the textured from the aluminum, but working from 150 to 250 grit will smooth it all out.

Gotta Hand it to Ya: DIY Hand Dish

To decorate, use any paint of choice and seal with a spray. Have fun creating, and tag your project with #CCcreates so I can see your work!

Gotta Hand it to Ya: DIY Hand DishGotta Hand it to Ya: DIY Hand Dish

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