Faux Stone Soap Dish DIY

March 3, 2016

Soap Dish DIY

I love collecting soap. The boxes, the colors, the smells- it’s the¬†total package. But in an effort to stick to my New Year’s resolution of parring down what I need, it was time to actually start using the soaps. So, I needed a soap dish.

Aaaannnndddd they are all very expensive. The thought of wood near water wasn’t appealing, and ceramic I’d be terrified of dropping with soaped up hands. Anything stone was more then I could justify spending. $20-40 for a small slab? No thank you. Instead, you can make this Schoolhouse Electric inspired dish with $6 in materials.

2 packets of polymer clay (I went with black and a granite for a flat gray effect)
drill bit
rolling pin/flat board

Soap Dish DIY

1| Start by rolling out your clay to about .5″ thickness and using a knife to roughly cut out your shape. To get the stone look, sprinkle cornstarch over the clay.

2| Use the back of a spoon to gently indent the center of the dish. Most soap dishes have this indent to keep the soap from sliding off. Once the center is rounded out, you’ll have to reshape the edges.

3| Bake according to instructions, flipping halfway through. Once completely cooled, drill drainage holes using any kind of drill bit and using a low grit sandpaper (or even steel wool), add more texture to the surface. Don’t forget the sides and bottom!

You now have a waterproof, durable dish!

Soap Dish DIY Soap Dish DIY Soap Dish DIY

This also makes a great gift if you know what scents somebody likes. Wrap it up in kraft paper & a note, and you have the perfect housewarming or small thank you gift.

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