DIY Terrazzo Earrings, AKA What to Do with All Your Scrap Clay

March 2, 2017

DIY Terrazzo Earrings

Guys, Terrazzo is having a serious moment. Some of you have been on trend the whole time like Marwa over at Enthralling Gumption while some of us are just now dipping our toes. Either way this Terrazzo Earring DIY is a foolproof way to add a bit of pattern and color to any outfit while using up that scrap clay pile 😉

DIY Terrazzo Earrings

polymer clay
circle cutters
earring posts + jump links

Start by rolling out your chosen colors on wax paper, trying to get them roughly the same thickness. You can use cornstarch to keep the clay from sticking to the wax- it’ll come right off after baking as long as it’s not mixed in with the clay.

Pro Tip 1: Use the same brand of clay throughout, especially if you’re mixing colors. The different formulas make it harder to figure out the correct bake time and can cause your clay to become a sticky mess.

DIY Terrazzo Earrings

Hack at all the pieces with a long blade. Keep going until you have a nice assortment of sizes.

Pro Tip #2: Slightly dried out clay works best here- you can even just crumble it up instead of hacking at it!

DIY Terrazzo Earrings

Alright, somehow I don’t have photos of step 3, but essentially roll out your base color a little thicker than what you want your finished piece to be. Drop over your piece pile, cover with wax paper, and gently roll over. Your colored pieces should be nice and incorporated into the base!

Cut out your shapes plus jump link holes (I used these basic circle cutters from Amazon). Bake per clay instructions and assemble. I used standard earring posts from Michael’s & the all powerful E6000.

DIY Terrazzo Earrings

And honestly I loved this pattern and colors so much I had to make a second set the following weekend! I feel like semi-circles are the spring shape this year, what do you guys think?

diy terrazzo earrings diy terrazzo earrings diy terrazzo earrings diy terrazzo earrings

PS, say hi to my new baby Monstera! He’ll be making more appearances throughout the blog soon 🙂

6 thoughts on “DIY Terrazzo Earrings, AKA What to Do with All Your Scrap Clay

    1. Catherine Post author

      why thank you Samm ;D I always knew being obsessed with my hands would be a side affect of blogging, I just never expected to care so much about how my ears looked XD

    1. Catherine Post author

      Thanks Marlene! They’re actually pretty light! The big open circles will need a bigger earring back to help balance it, but both are lighter than the jeweled ones you’d find at J. Crew 🙂


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