DIY Modern Table Numbers for Weddings

May 25, 2017

DIY Modern Table Numbers

For anyone who’s been keeping up with my life, you may have seen that I got married! April 29th, Michael & I got married in our hometown of Jacksonville, FL (and then briskly moved to Chicago & Gainesville respectively haha…).

Which now means I have all the small details from the day in the new apartment begging to be photographed. Originally I had planned to get these up as they were made, but nothing ended up being built until the week of- HA. But now it’s spring and full blown wedding & shower season so better late than never?

DIY Modern Table Numbers

To kick off this batch, here are the wedding table signs I made for our farmhouse style tables at the reception. I couldn’t find anything that fit our ‘Modern & Classic Beach Wedding’ theme except these house numbers that are all over Pinterest. Before we start, I apologize for the complete lack of step photos. Did I mention all wedding projects happened the week of?

You’ll Need
base wood
house numbers
clear, acrylic spray
primer + paint
wood to metal epoxy

Some material tips: Most home improvement stores will cut down your blocks if you buy a chunk of wood. Easiest way to get the correct size. When choosing an epoxy, don’t go for the 1-minute set! It won’t give you enough time to adjust your numbers. You can clean up any overflow epoxy with a q-tip and acetone.

DIY Modern Table Numbers

1. Fill in the backs of the house numbers if hollow. Do multiple, thin layers to really make sure it dries completely or else it will crack/fall out. Honestly, no one will notice the back, but it does help give more surface area for the epoxy to grip.

DIY Modern Table Numbers

2. Sand everything down- the spackle & the metal. You’ll need to get the whole number ready for paint!

3. Apply 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of paint color of choice to the numbers.

4. Spray the base wood with the 2 coats of acrylic spray. This keeps the wood from absorbing all the epoxy.

DIY Modern Table Numbers

5. Following the epoxy directions, carefully attach a number to a base making sure the bottom of the number is flush with the bottom of the base so it can stand. If your numbers are a little wobbly after the glue sets, you can pad the feet with clear furniture bumpers.

DIY Modern Table Numbers

Tada! I’m so over the moon about these guys I’m trying to find ways to use them around the apartment! Now for some close ups so you can see that they stand on their own 😉

DIY Modern Table Numbers  DIY Modern Table Numbers

DIY Modern Table Numbers

DIY Modern Table Numbers

DIY Modern Table Numbers

5 thoughts on “DIY Modern Table Numbers for Weddings

  1. Marlene @ Idle Hands Awake

    GORGEOUS!!! I am in love with how these came out and your beautiful styling. Your wedding must have been dreamy! And congrats by the way! I could also see this in its original use as a fancier house number — the white-on-wood is so beautiful!

    1. Catherine Post author

      Unfortunately not :/ We only had 5 farmhouse style tables so we didn’t need any double digits. I’d suggest having the wood block in the middle of the double digits, gluing the numbers together first and then having one of them attached to the back block, or creating a bottom support for the numbers and attaching the back wood piece wherever you want.


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