Curly Hair Updo: French Twist & Crown

March 23, 2016

Curly Hair Updo

Growing up I had no idea how to deal with my curls. My mom would try to relax it and encourage flat ironing as a way to manage. Special events always meant spending 2 hrs smoothing out every kink. So many years of dead ends and frizz.

Thankfully Pinterest & Tumblr have made learning about “naturally curly” hair care easier and I now love playing with my texture. This hair style would be perfect for upcoming Easter brunches or any time you need a protective style.

Curly Hair Updo

bobby pins, lots & lots of bobby pins
hair tie or clip to partition hair
decorative barrette (I got mine from Madewell)

1| Start by finding your favorite part line and clipping the smaller section out of the way.

2| Take varying sized sections from the large section of hair and start double-strand twisting pieces along the crown. It’s helpful to tie the piece ends with tiny rubber bands as you go to keep them from unraveling.

3| With all your front sections twisted, slowly twist the strands together and pin as you go. Once you reach about your ear, tie off for now. The end pieces will be incorporated into the French Twist later.

4| Moving on to the small section, repeat the same double strand twisting. Twist together and down the crown until your ear again.

5| Grab the bulk of hair left loose and start slowly start twisting up into a French Twist. Place bobby pins about every inch or so, making sure to use a threading technique to ensure hold. If bobby pins don’t seem to stay in, try spraying them with hairspray before using them.

6| Double check that your crown twist ends are tucked and pinned within the French Twist. Add adornment and feel fly as hell.

Curly Hair Updo

Styling Tips
Use a thick moisturizing cream to smooth down fizz and help the twists retain hold.
When using bobby pins, make sure to use ridge side down.

Remember, one of the great things about curly hair is the playful texture! Slightly undone works beautifully with this look.

Curly Hair Updo Curly Hair Updo

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