Citrus Breakfast Bowl

April 7, 2016

Citrus Breakfast Bowl

Confession: Being a Florida girl, I thought tangerines and navel oranges were the only citrus worth having. A sort of provincial citrus snob. But, diving more into healthy eating and plating art, blood oranges kept cropping up. The color & flavor profile definitely intrigued me.

Easter & citrus season actually coincide well, and we volunteered to bring a fruit salad. Seeing as I hate banana & melon based salads (they always overpower the other fruits), it was the perfect time to try a citrus salad. It was a hit! But… I wanted a more substantial recipe for breakfast or snack. Enter the citrus power bowl! A little tart, a little sweet & very refreshing start to spring.

Citrus Breakfast Bowl

Citrus Breakfast Bowl
Navel Orange
2 blood oranges
Cara Cara orange
fresh mint leaves
sprinkle of sat
toasted almonds
plain Greek yogurt

This also makes a great citrus salad! Just swap the yogurt out for some bitter greens (e.g. arugula) + Feta cheese.

Citrus Breakfast Bowl

This is another recipe that just reacquires a lot of individual prepping and then throw everything together.

To start, grab a bowl of Greek yogurt. The sourness of the Greek yogurt will balance the sweet & tart flavors of the oranges. Next you’ll need to segment your oranges. “What’s segmenting & how do I do that?” Well, today is a two-fer post, so hop on over here to learn the how & why’s. After the oranges, julienne (cut thinly) fresh mint & almonds to sprinkle on top.

To assemble, just layer the oranges, almonds (you can toast them for a different take), & mint over the yogurt. Drizzle with honey and finish with a sprinkle of salt. Trust me on the salt- it brings out the sweetness. Whenever a dish feels like it’s lacking something, it’s probably salt.

Citrus Breakfast Bowl

Quick note on segmenting: What I’ve found is that the navel & Cara Cara oranges are the easiest to segment. Blood oranges don’t have perfect segments and lose their rigidity pretty quickly, and have seeds around the outer flesh that need to be removed to save your teeth. The pith on the Cara Cara oranges aren’t bitter at all, so you can leave the pieces as is one those if you want. As always when using a chef’s knife, make sure it’s sharp & be careful!

Also, let me know if a basic cooking series would be helpful! The segmenting tutorial was a blast to shoot.

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