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December 31, 2015

Happy New Year! Is the first step on your new year’s to-do list to write a to-do list? Keep your today and everyday organized with a new planner cute & useful enough to keep you coming back to it.

Here’s a quick round up of my favorite planners for the new year. Most of them are from Mochi Things- not an affiliated post, I just order a planner every year  & get most of my stationary goods from them. The paper quality is always very nice, and they have a huge range of planners. Prefer daily vs weekly? Write in vs scheduled? They have it all.

Click each image to visit on the site, and happy organizing!

2016 Pocket Scheduler| $23
1 page of Calendar (2016 & 2017)
12 Monthly Plan & 53 Weekly Plan spreads
40 pages of Lined Notes

Comes with deco stickers to personalize your scheduler!

2016 Linen Scheduler| $29
12 Monthly Plan spreads (Dec 2015 ~ Dec 2016)
114 Weekly plan pages
43 pages Free note

Real linen, bound hardcover. Most durable of the list.

Mini Weekly Scheduler| $5
Write in, 31 weeks planner (7 months).

Smaller sized planner perfect for tossing into any bag. Also available in Monthly version for a bigger, year use.

Write in Daily Planner| $29
12 spreads of Monthly Plan
124 pages of Daily Plan (slots from 7am to 8pm!)
22 pages of Memorandum (left: plain note, right: lined note)
1 page of Personal Information

Write in planners allow you to purchase a planner at any point during the year without wasting any pages.

Write in Scheduler| $22
14 Monthly Plan spreads
70 pages of Weekly Plan
58 pages of Plain/Lined Notes

Write in style. Comes with protective cover.