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04/ The Perfect Addition for Dreamers + Schemers

December 22, 2016

girl boss gift guide

The last gift guide of the year is dedicated to all the badass bosses in your life. Do you know someone working hard on their dreams? Maybe you are the dreamer? Either way, these gift ideas will help get the new year off to a productive start.

And the best part? You could find any of these pieces at your local Target, bookstore, art store, or corner store!

girl boss gift guide

Everyone needs encouragement sometimes. Show the love and support with some motivational phrases. Beyond poster prints, message boards and compliment postcards can be scaled up or down for the occasion.

compliment postcards
‘You Did Not Wake Up To Be Mediocre’
How to Style Your Brand‘ by Fiona Humberstone

message board
19 girl boss quote printables
geo mood board

girl boss gift guide

Calendar + Planners

Nothing beats a good planner. I could go on and on for what I look for, but the point is, there’s a style for everyone! My new year’s goal is to get the DIY acrylic wall calendar up.

17 month planner WTF blue
Productivity Planner
household wall planner

minimal printable calendar
acrylic wall calendar
content calendar + posting tips

girl boss gift guide

Finishing Touches
Every boss needs a space that helps them work. Add a few of these pieces to bring in the charm and personality that special person exudes themselves.

leather earbud organizer
gold wireframe binder clips
beech headphone stand

leather bookmark
charger charm
wood desk organizer

That’s it for 2016 gift guides everyone! Thanks for following along and let me know what you thought of this style 🙂


03/ The Perfect Addition for Good Clean Fun

December 16, 2016

9 more days until Christmas! Does it feel like the weeks are stretching out longer to keep you from vacation or barreling towards you with an overwhelming amount of ‘to-do’s’? Either way everyone could use a little bit of TLC.

This ‘Perfect Addition Gift Guide’ has small, pampering touches to carve tiny moments of zen out of someone’s day. Or your own. I’d be lying if I said a huge part of this post isn’t a personal wish list 😉

spa gift guide

Soaps + Displays
The number of scents, shapes, colors, and ways to personalize soap are endless- they’re like little gems just perfect for gifting! As a quick hostess or coworker gift, wrap the soap with a dish.

I’m most intrigued by the loofah soap. There might be a diy on my take after the holidays.

cork soap dish
handmade vegan soap
blue clay face bar

faux stone soap dish
white tea and ginger loofah soap
coffee and coconut soap sticks

spa gift guide

Beyond Bubbles
If soap is too ho-hum, check out these other shower and bath goodies. Bath bombs are always classic, but have you tried smoothies, jellies, or bars? Sounds like the kitchen is becoming the spa!

A fun surprise like these are awesome stocking stuffers on their own or diy large batches for a group gift exchange.

treasure bath bomb
shower smoothies
penguin bubble bar

shower jellies
vanilla bubble bath
holiday drink scented bath bombs

spa gift guide

Moisturize Me
After the bath, lock in all the goodness with oils, masks, and body butters. I love how quickly body oils are absorbed and have been using the cedarwood + black pepper oil as a hand oil all week. So far no scaly hands in Chicago’s 0 ºF winter.

I also couldn’t resist a little Doctor Who joke ;).

lavender body oil
sandalwood bath oil
7 day sheet mask challenge set

body mousse
cedarwood + black pepper beard/body oil
whipped green tea and coconut moisturizer 

spa gift guide

Finishing Touches
These finishing touches really drive home the luxury. A towel just for my face? Daily rose water toner to feel like a queen? (now if only that massage candle actually gave massages…)

The unexpected pieces are so much fun to hunt for and to gift. And with so many different options, everyone is covered.

organic facial towel
deodorant crystal bar
tortoise shell comb

rose water toner
massage candles
lavender dry shampoo

How do you keep sane during the madness? I like keeping lists in multiple places haha.


02/ The Perfect Addition for Good Cheer + High Spirits

December 6, 2016

cocktail gift guide

Gather in everyone, it’s time to get cozy! An easy way to bottle up the warm and fuzzies is through a thoughtful gift based around that special person’s holiday beverage of choice.

So today’s gift guide is running the gamut from hot chocolate additions perfect for a friend stressed out from finals to bar cart indulgences for the lady who knows her gimlets from her spritzes.

cocktail gift guide | anthropologie glass cocktail shaker

Glassware + Mugs
My first bottle opener was a plastic waiter’s corkscrew from the liquor store when I bought my first mix-a-six for my 21st. It was cheap and ugly but made it through the rest of college! When Michael & I started hosting in our first apartment together though, I really wanted a more ‘grownup’ bar set. The most fun part was/still is collecting proper drinkware!

Drinkware are like mugs- there’s a style for everyone! And if you can’t find the perfect one for the giftee, diy to suit their tastes.

Pro Tip: Keep an eye out at thrift stores for vintage glass. Most places that resell drinkware mark them up heavily for full sets. Mismatched pieces can be just as elegant and twice as fun to collect!

glass decanter
glass cocktail shaker

mid century amber drinking glasses

etched glassware
vinyl applique mug 
ultimate guide to sharpie mugs

cocktail gift guide

Mixes + Mixers
Mixing cocktails always feels like a fun, pseudo experiment. Like mixing brand new paints but you get to taste what you’re making! Like everything in this series, personalization is key here. Gift the fun loving sweet tooth some colorful simple syrups or the 

Shoutout to The Kitchn for teaching me all my cocktail basics.

Elderflower tonic
Prohi-Bitters (one of the best brand names don’t you think?)
hot chocolate on a stick 3 set

citrus simple syrup
marshmallow dollops
hot spiced dark chocolate 

cocktail gift guide | sugar and cloth cocktail napkins

Finishing Touches
A few finishing touch suggestions for the cherry on top (whipped cream optional). These guys are like little stocking stuffers to round out the main present. One paired with a bottle of wine would be a great hostess gift!

The diy options are so cute, anyone would appreciate them.

copper + brass jigger
decanter tags
The Savoy Cocktail Book

conversation bubble coasters
recipe cocktail napkins
Christmas tree stirrers

What drink gets you in the Holiday mood? I’m switching between peppermint hot coco, Puerto Rican eggnog, and Blue Moon’s Horchata while warming my feet next to the radiator.


01/ The Perfect Addition for Those That Cook

December 1, 2016

cook gift guide

Mixing it up this year with the gift guides! This year’s theme is ‘The Perfect Addition’. Each week I’ll be featuring one core item along with a few options for the perfect pairing to buy or diy. ‘The Perfect Addition’ makes it easy to scale up or down a present for any budget or recipient. And because cookie exchange season is upon us, let’s start with a kitchen workhorse, the wooden spoon. Perfect for those that cook.

Whether it’s an heirloom piece (my first cooking spoon was one of my mom’s wedding gifts!), a unique craft fair find, or the good old Target stand-by, wooden spoons are timeless and infinitely personable. Because who truly doesn’t need another one of these beauties?

cook gift guide | schoolhouse electric

Tea Towels
I didn’t truly understand the appeal of dish towels until I had a cooking domain of my own. They’re the perfect touch of personality and you’ll quickly find you have very strong opinions about your favorites. I love buying tea towels from local textile artists 1) because having 20 tea towels is easier than keeping 20 sets of bed sheets and 2) because they’re useful souvenirs.

If you’re looking to diy, try stamping, stitching or dyeing! The flour sack 4 pack from Target is $4, they’re the most used base for Pinterest diy’s, and they dry beautifully.

Pro Tip: Holiday markets are coming up! Any kind of maker fair will have beautiful pieces.

linen flock
cheerful colorful illustrations
subtle holiday cheer

Shibori dyed
Sashiko stitched

cook gift guide

Wood Butter
Give them the tool to keep their new gift in tip-top shape- wood butter! It’s a salve that conditions and protects wooden utensils from daily use. Honestly, the diy version is so simple and cheap I almost didn’t include a ‘buy’ version for this section but John Boos is an industry standard for wood cutting boards and care.

Learn how to refinish cheap or old wooden utensils in the diy link below.

classic John Boos

beeswax base

cook gift guide | a beautiful mess father's day hot pepper oil

Cooking Infusions
Add a bit of spice to their life with fun cooking infusions. To me, flavored sauces, salts, and oils fall under that ‘luxuries no one spends on themselves’ category.

Find creative mixes in gift ready packaging at Trader Joe’s or T.J. Maxx. Bon Appetite has me convinced to gourmet shop like a Maxxinista.

Bees Knees Wildflower Honey
Queen Majesty Hot Sauce
small batch mustards

citrus simple syrup
infused salts
infused olive oil

cook gift guide | almost makes perfect minimal recipe cards

Recipe Cards
Is anything more personal than a handwritten recipe? Recipe cards are available for print online or any cooking store and the presentation is only limited if you think inside the box ;).

Rifle Paper Co Tin + Cards
acrylic recipe box
wood recipe box with dividers

cookbook template
minimal recipe cards
colorful recipe cards

Do you like this kind of gift guide? Let me know what you think in the comments!

Create - Gift

Mother’s Day DIY Gift Guide

May 6, 2016

mother's day diy gift guide

mother's day diy gift guide

Does your mom still have a box of your preschool paintings? Ha. Mine either. I can’t really blame mom for not holding on to those scribbles. Luckily my fine motor skills have improved and now I can make her a gift she’ll actually want to keep.

Try one of these thoughtfully handmade gifts for your mom this year. There’s a little bit of everything and they can all be done by Sunday! (Which is great because unless you’re wiling to fight last minute mall traffic or rush order online, you’re out of luck now. )

1 | Kindle/Ipad case appreciated by moms who use them as cameras.
2 | Gift & girls’ day rolled into one! Pack the blanket & bubbly.
3 | A little bit of kitchen glam paired with a new cookbook perhaps?
4 | All those years making/getting you birthday cakes, treat her to some next level baked goodness*. This is the most  perfect, thorough recipe for beginner macarooners.
5 | A spa basket that’s pretty, pink, & pampered.
6 | Or maybe you’re ahead of the game and just need the finishing touches.
7 | For the mom with a sense of humor and sick of #1 mom mugs.
8 | Serving up more kitchen gifts, because really, it’s the best spot in the house.
9| Make your gift the card so she can show off how thoughtful you are.

* Photo from A Tiny (it) Blog