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Neutral ‘California Casual’ Picks from Target’s Project 62 Line

September 20, 2017

neutral picks Target's Project 62

It’s here! It’s finally here! Target’s new Project 62 line is fully availableĀ online and it is taking all my willpower to not just hop in the car and go! (That and the fact my wallet is en route from Michigan after going to a wedding this weekend so…)

Between the highly anticipated, gorgeous pieces and some that just look like re-packaged Threshold items (I see you Target) there is so much to sort through. Luckily I was the kind of student who read textbooks cover to cover and am the kind of shopper who delights in going through all 863 items šŸ˜‰ read more


Favorite Picks from Etsy’s First Ever Labor Day Sale

September 2, 2017

I got so excited though when I saw Etsy announce their first ever, site wide sales page I wanted to shoutoutĀ to my favorite makers! Etsy has always been one of my favoriteĀ shopping grounds for unique pieces so I’m sharing my picks from the sale. (And then I saw a few other favorites on Urban Outfitters and Poketo and couldn’t help but tag them on at the end too šŸ˜‰ )

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6 Back to School DIYs to Get Your Butt Organized

August 4, 2017

back to school diys roundup

My least favorite part of post grad life is the non-existent back to school supply shopping. No more fresh crayons or gel pens for me (least not until we move to a bigger place and I have a studio to fill muhaha). In the meantime, diys are still on the table and I’m loving all the modern takes out there. Starting with the above shirt.

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Sources + DIY Blog Props On A Budget (You Already Own!)

July 6, 2017

DIY Blog Props on a Budget

When I first started blogging, I didn’t have any extra wiggle room in our budget to spend on extra styling props. I wanted to push myself in photography but felt limited in what I could use. I started looking for ways to repurpose what we already had, never bought 1 time props, and diy’ed a whole lot. Now with a year and a half of sourcing cheap & creative props, I thought I’d share my favorite sources and tips.

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