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DIY Sugar Trees & Caramel Tips for Beginners

December 21, 2017

diy sugar trees caramel work tips beginners

Instead of sugar plums this year, I had visions of sugar trees dancing in my head. I was going to make 3D, spun trees as show-stopping toppers for the dessert table. Nevermind I had only ever made caramel once successfully for popcorn. I blame watching copious amounts of Great British Bakeoff and Holiday Baking Championship for convincing me I could do this.

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DIY Evergreen Hair Combs for Pinterest Party Hair

December 13, 2017

DIY Evergreen Holiday Hair Combs

These DIY evergreen holiday hair combs definitely feel like the culmination of last year’s holiday hat, foraged evergreen bouquet, and my recent obsession with statement hair combs. But instead of foraged finds, all the greenery you need can be found in a $5 arrangement from Trader Joes! I so wish I had a picture of the bouquet before I deconstructed it, but it pulled all the best of the season into one fragrant centerpiece.

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Celebrate - Create

DIY Terracotta Reindeer for Your Holiday Mantle

December 6, 2017

DIY Terracotta Reindeer

I had bought a few reindeer cookie cutters for sugar cookies and had them out on the bookshelf because of #apartmentlife #nostorage and really liked how minimal they looked with the other decorations. But our apartment isn’t nearly farmhouse chic enough to pull off cookie-cutter decor, so I pulled out the terracotta clay and made the easiest, most minimalist holiday DIY ever. DIY terracotta reindeer.

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DIY Feather Earrings for Making a Statement

November 30, 2017

DIY Feather Earrings

Is there anything more dramatic than feathers? The rich colors, organic patterns, the delicate softness. Swoon. With the holidays here, I was looking to switch out my summer, Terrazzo earrings and kept seeing feather statement pieces popping up. But I could never quite find the metal finish or feathers I liked, so on to the projects list it went!

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