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Last Minute DIY Macra-Madé in Heaven Costume

October 26, 2017

DIY Macra-Made in Heaven Costume

Puns and Halloween are my lifeblood. Nothing makes me happier than seeing Studio DIY’s pun-kins or all the clever cocktail names everytime I’m on Pinterest. Couple that with my desire to have a Halloween costume that is essentially already in my closet, plus one of the biggest DIY trends of the year, and you get this gem! Macra-Madé in Heaven. read more


Printable Plant Pins for DIY Crazy Plant Lady Costume

October 12, 2017

Printable Plant Pins DIY Crazy Plant Lady Costume

Happy Halloween month! This DIY is courtesy of a costume idea that turned out a little too basic for a full tutorial. So instead, I’m sharing how to make the printable plant pin part of a DIY Crazy Plant Lady costume.

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DIY Halloween Skeleton Hand Wall Decor

October 6, 2017

DIY Halloween Skeleton Hands Shelf Hook Wall Decor

I bought these skeleton hands for a completely different project but thought it would be hilarious to make hand hand dishes. Well, another hand hand dish. Then I thought skeleton keys would look pretty sweet hanging off the fingers which then led to these…. hand shelves? Hooks? Mounted hand dishes? If anyone has a better idea of what to call these let me know!

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How to Dye Ostrich Feathers and DIY Anthropologie Inspired Shoe Clips for Fall

September 27, 2017

Dye Ostrich Feathers DIY Shoe Clips

Feathers scream fall to me and I am so ready to add them to my closet! I saw these feather slides at Anthropologie and loved the modern color palettes with the feathers. I was all set to make feather ribbon trims and glue them down when I found these white ostrich feather clips at Michael’s. And well, this is a no-brainer. Short of telling you to clip on feathers to your shoes, this DIY led me down a rabbit hole of dye research and styling feather shoe clips with all my denim.

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Everything We DIY’ed for our Modern Beach Wedding

September 13, 2017

wedding diy project list

I’m imaging both of us in the above photo thinking ‘What? All the wedding DIYs are finally up??”. Yes indeed party people. This is everything we DIY’ed for our modern beach wedding. Because a lot of our DIYs were done the week of, we don’t have process pics and more than a handful didn’t have any true step-by-step process. So I’m throwing them all into one, big, master roundup. Hope you enjoy these as much as I did making them! read more