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Cheap Thrills: 5 Easy Ways to Refresh Your Home on a New Years Budget

January 11, 2018

budget decor tips

Each new year, I crazy clean the house, set our year’s budget, and get an overwhelming urge to redecorate. Coming right off of the holidays though isn’t the best time to splurge on big-ticket items. Try a few easy, low cost ways to refresh your home instead.

budget decor tips

Fresh Flowers

Like buying a $4 bunch of eucalyptus from Trader Joe’s! Their eucalyptus bouquets are the price of a coffee but last a lot longer. Their fresh scent seems to lighten any room and they look amazing dried!

budget decor tips

Swap Out Your Art

Play curator and change out your art! With gorgeous digital prints more and more readily available, you pull together a whole gallery without leaving your bed. Digital prints are usually $7-$15 (the price of 3ish coffees?) which make them a great budget option. My favorite places to look are Etsy and The Printable Concept (La vie est Belle and In the Nude are from TPC). The Printable Concept sometimes also has free downloads!

If you’re it’s in your budget, I also recommend buying the prints if you’re looking for a particular size. The Printable Concepts paper & print quality makes me geek out, and I use to work at a print shop!

budget decor tips

Matching Sets

Anyone else get gleeful about matching sets? 🙋 Swapping out our mismatched soap dispenser, tea towels, and glassware brought me so much satisfaction and visually cleaned up the kitchen. Sticking to Target, Ikea, and Muji basics, creating a cohesive kitchen came under $25, well worth the refresh!

budget decor tips

Give Your Home a Signature Scent

Away goes the holiday candles and in comes the springtime scents. Room diffusers, candles, and room sprays are cheap treats that transform the whole place. If you go DIY, even better!

Try A Beautiful Mess’s DIY room diffuser or Hello Glow’s mood-boosting room sprays.

Work With What You Have

And of course, the most budget way to refresh your home is to work with what you got! Run your linens through the dryer on low heat, tumble to fluff them back up. Turn your favorite basket into your new favorite hamper. Take advantage of the warmer weather and try spray painting or wood staining a tired piece.

I love the excuse of New Years to try out different things. How do you get your home ready for the new year?

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