Learning New Skills, Brainstorming New Series, & Wanting to Hear From You

October 19, 2017

curate crew, it’s polling time. I’ve been blogging for almost 2 years now and really have loved creating posts for you but I feel like I haven’t heard at all from you lovely readers. What posts have you liked? What have you hated? Are the series interesting or are you wondering ‘what series’?

I’ve been thinking a lot about the kind of blog I want this to be. ctrl + curate was always meant to be a DIY lifestyle blog that delivered useful and detailed steps so we all can learn new skills together.

Like embroidery! DMC recently launched their 1000 Patterns Project which makes access to modern embroidery even easier! Except… I had no clue where to start. I ended up searching through 20 different sites just to get started. And when I was finally ready to start, I found a line buried on one of the simple stitches guides that explained you need to split the thread. 🤦🏽‍♀️

That would have been a lot of pretty thread gone to waste. All in all, it took a whole weekend to work my way to my first project- and I loved the final piece! I made coordinating Gemini no sew plant covers for my 2 twin succulents and am swooning over the results. I just wish it hadn’t taken that long to get started.

beginner DIY series embroidered no sew plant wrap

Which leads me to my ultimate question curate crew. What if there were comprehensive guides for basic DIY skills? Would you guys like that or are streamlined, simplified posts what you come here for? Sound off in the comments or email me at ctrlcurate@gmail.com 🙂


2 thoughts on “Learning New Skills, Brainstorming New Series, & Wanting to Hear From You

  1. Deborah

    First let me say the embroidered plant covers are lovely. In my opinion a blog with a mix of step by step and simplified post, because there are some things needing more detailed instruction. And remember thread/floss doesn’t always need to be separated/split many times it depends on the pattern, the look you want and overall personal preference. Also to attract more traffic in your comments I would link up your post at Kathy’s Quilts for Sunday Slow Stitching its a great site where bloggers post what they are hand stitching on Sunday. Another great site to link your post to are Super Mom No Cape, where bloggers post what they are hand embroidering on Mondays. Here is a link to both https://kathysquilts.blogspot.ca/2017/10/slow-sunday-stitching_22.html https://www.supermomnocape.com/vintage-embroidery-monday-stitchery-link-party-133/
    I know these are only weekly sites but do take a moment to check out the sites and perhaps one day we will all be clicking your link to see what you are up to, I know I would follow your site.

    1. Catherine Post author

      Wow, thank you so much, Deborah, for your thought out and detailed message! I’ll definitely be diving deeper into embroidery- I’m loving the blogs you linked as well! Your Sunday stitches are so even and you blend colors beautifully.


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