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Back to School Patches 3 Ways

August 18, 2016

back to school patches

Week 2 for Back to School diy posts! This one is so easy though it hardly qualifies. Take a patch, pick a place, iron it on. Bam. We’re done here.

back to school patches

Psych. What kind of diy-er would I be without sharing links & tips? I’ve been loving the embroidery trend this summer and a lot of artists have started stocking pins & patches to hop on the trend. Patches are the greatest way to add flair (anyone remember when Facebook flair was a thing?) to update any piece. Much cleaner and less time consuming than paint or hand sewing. This triple threat diy is cheap, easy, & nets professional results. I can’t stop gushing over these patches guys!

back to school patches

For starters, these patches are ridiculously high quality. International shipping was well worth it for BelsArt (she threw in stickers too!) Just following the included instructions secured the patches on like they were stitched. I can’t stop taking close up shots of the patches because I was so amazed!

patches (crocodile, ice cream, good kids)
clean scrap fabric
piece to update

I highly suggest pinning your patch where you want before ironing. They can shift and fingers near a hot iron is not a fun afternoon. Use a scrap piece of thin fabric to cover the patch & working piece to protect from accidental singeing or marks from a dirty iron.

If you have a wonky shaped piece (à la baseball cap) wad some fabric behind to give the ironing some resistance. Other than that, follow the directions that come with each piece as they will vary slightly by maker.

back to school patches

If you’re not ready to commit to a permanent piece, glue interfacing (if your patch is on the thin, flexible side) and a pin back to the backside of your patch. I actually used this method for the ice cream cone patch because I equally love the pocket treat on my shirt & shorts.

P.S. the text on this patch GLOWS IN THE DARK!

back to school patches

Check back for this week’s Sunday Spot to see a few of my favorite patches. If you start looking, pay attention to the edge seams for a quick quality check. Bare spots indicate low thread count which could mean a lesser quality patch. Alo most patches are iron on now, but double check that they aren’t ‘stitching required’.

back to school patches

Find any you want to share? Tag #BacktoSchoolCurated for a chance to be included in the roundup!

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