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The Dirt On: Drying Herbs & Building Shelves

September 22, 2016

Hello hello everyone! I feel like all my creative energy is being sucked away by wedding planning, but I haven’t forgotten about this series! So far we’ve learned how to start an apartment garden, maintaining it, and found beautiful planters. Time to shift gears with the seasons and turn all your hard work into a nice […]


The Dirt On: Planting Herbs Indoors

August 3, 2016

Hi everyone! This week, The Dirt continues right along with best practice tips & tricks for potting herbs indoors. Planting season is already winding down, meaning there’s only a few more weeks to get healthy herbs nicely established. The great part about indoor gardens though is the year long growth. So no more procrastinating! Lay down your cardboard, […]


The Dirt on: Tools of the Trade

July 19, 2016

Part of the appeal of apartment gardening to me was all the pretty accessories. Copper clipping shears on top of kraft paper with carefully chosen watering cans as cozy backdrops. While I still love those things, I’ve learned that plants do. not. care. They will grow much better if you pay more attention to the soil than what […]


Introducing New Series: The Dirt, Your Guide to Apartment Gardening

July 12, 2016

Hey everyone! That hiatus took a bit longer than expected. New laptop all set up, completely moved into the new place, and settled in at the new job. Phew! Now it’s solidly into summer and I can dive right into the series I’ve been most excited about bringing you guys: Apartment Gardening. I’m sure you’ve […]

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Modern Planters | To Buy & DIY

July 21, 2016

So Tuesday was the first post in The Dirt series. You got your spray bottle, the right soil, and are feeling pretty good about starting. Butttttttt your planter options are less than thrilling. Hopefully the first post drove home the importance of planters with drainage. And while there is a certain appeal to a sill […]