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6 Back to School DIYs to Get Your Butt Organized

August 4, 2017

back to school diys roundup

My least favorite part of post grad life is the non-existent back to school supply shopping. No more fresh crayons or gel pens for me (least not until we move to a bigger place and I have a studio to fill muhaha). In the meantime, diys are still on the table and I’m loving all the modern takes out there. Starting with the above shirt.

Back To School Patches 3 Ways | ctrl + curate

Ok, so technically not an organization diy, but if you have a patch collection going and want some ideas on how to ‘organize’ them for school, go check the post out.

back to school diys roundup

Minimal Wood Desk Organizer | Make and Tell (for Curbly)

Finding a desk organizer that has just the right amount of cups and slots seems impossible. If you make your own desk organizer to begin with, you can save time searching and always get that diy confidence boost when you look at your desk when you make this one.

back to school diys roundup

Watercolor Lunch Bags | Paper & Stitch

In elementary school it was all about the plastic boxes with the cartoon or band of the day (hey Spice Girls, hey), middle school and high school were just getting the lunchboxes small enough to make your backpack not look huge, and by college I just wanted food. These cute watercolor ones would’ve have worked at any school stage and beyond.

back to school diys roundup

Stamped Pencil Pouch | almost makes perfect

Molly always kills it with her minimal patterns and breaks it down so anyone can make their own modern pencil pouch.

back to school diys roundup

Notebook Covers | Burkatron

The combination of patterned paper and dimensional text comes together beautifully on these notebooks! Have one for each class, each project, each day. (If you came here looking for stationery addiction help, you’re in the wrong place.)

back to school diys roundup

Bungee Cord Organizers | ctrl + curate

Though small, these cords are desktop power horses. They can wrangle pencils, power cords, and in a pinch, ponytails.

How are you guys getting ready for back to school?

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