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December 31, 2015

Happy New Year! Is the first step on your new year’s to-do list to write a to-do list? Keep your today and everyday organized with a new planner cute & useful enough to keep you coming back to it.

Here’s a quick round up of my favorite planners for the new year. Most of them are from Mochi Things- not an affiliated post, I just order a planner every year  & get most of my stationary goods from them. The paper quality is always very nice, and they have a huge range of planners. Prefer daily vs weekly? Write in vs scheduled? They have it all.

Click each image to visit on the site, and happy organizing!

2016 Pocket Scheduler| $23
1 page of Calendar (2016 & 2017)
12 Monthly Plan & 53 Weekly Plan spreads
40 pages of Lined Notes

Comes with deco stickers to personalize your scheduler!

2016 Linen Scheduler| $29
12 Monthly Plan spreads (Dec 2015 ~ Dec 2016)
114 Weekly plan pages
43 pages Free note

Real linen, bound hardcover. Most durable of the list.

Mini Weekly Scheduler| $5
Write in, 31 weeks planner (7 months).

Smaller sized planner perfect for tossing into any bag. Also available in Monthly version for a bigger, year use.

Write in Daily Planner| $29
12 spreads of Monthly Plan
124 pages of Daily Plan (slots from 7am to 8pm!)
22 pages of Memorandum (left: plain note, right: lined note)
1 page of Personal Information

Write in planners allow you to purchase a planner at any point during the year without wasting any pages.

Write in Scheduler| $22
14 Monthly Plan spreads
70 pages of Weekly Plan
58 pages of Plain/Lined Notes

Write in style. Comes with protective cover.

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Champagne Nails

Champagne Nails

Warning: This is not a quick & easy mani. It takes a bit of getting the technique down, but once you do, your nails will be all the more festive for it. Ring in the new year with some runway worthy flash.

You will need:
Gold leaf, can be purchased at any craft store
Clear polish (make sure not to get quick drying- it won’t give you time to adjust the foil)

Champagne Nails

1| To start, carefully select a piece of gold foil with a semi straight edge. Making sure it is completely flat and larger than your nail, put it aside. Be sure to tackle one nail at a time! Paint 1 coat of clear polish on your nail.

2| Gently place the gold foil along the bottom ridge. Pat down any creases in the foil.

3| From here, you can leave it as a “solid” piece of foil, or to get a flecked look, use the tweezers to gently pull on the foil to create separate pieces.

4| Once the base coat is dry with the foil attached, apply another clear coat over the foil. After the top coat is dry, you can take the tweezers or another nail to pull the excess foil away from the decorated nail.

Go forth and sparkle.



Gift Guide: For the Cuddler

December 22, 2015

Gift Guide: For the Cuddler

Last gift guide of this year! Thanks for sticking around & coming back. This guide is for the cozy cuddlers who will be by the fireplace all holiday season. 2 of the ideas are even DIY if you don’t have enough time for shipping!

1 | Two pack camp socks (L.L.Bean, $20)*
2 | DIY blanket ladder (Paper & Stitch, DIY)
3 | Globe bulb (Bespoke Post, $20)
4 | Sheepskin rugs (IKEA, $13-90). Ikea offers 4 different sheepskin rugs.
5 | Gnome pillow (GrayGreenGoods, $27)
6 | Leather coasters (Molly M. Designs, $45)
7 | Holiday drink bath bombs (ctrl + curate, DIY). Fool proof bath bomb recipe!
8 | Plaid throw (West Elm, $80). On sale for $50!

* Photo from Kelly in the City

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Yule Love These [Late] Holiday Cards

December 21, 2015

Yule Love These [Late] Holiday Cards

Every year I get excited by the idea of sending out personalized holiday cards. And every year weeks go by until it passes the “right” time to send them. Not anymore! Buy yourself a little bit more time with these free & unapologetically late cards. No more excuses. Download [here].

Yule Love These [Late] Holiday Cards
Yule Love These [Late] Holiday Cards
Yule Love These [Late] Holiday Cards

To make: Print, Cut, Write, Mail. To get a perfect crease, use the back of a spoon to run along your initial fold. Cards made to fit A6 envelopes.


Gift Guide: For the Believers

December 17, 2015

Gift Guide: For the Believers

Do you believe in magic? Of a young girl’s heart ~*~ No? Maybe that’s why it’s so hard to shop for that person. Don’t worry, this girl who still prefers dino nuggets over any other shape has got your back.

1 | Unicorn parking decal (MadeofSundays, $20). Ships from Finland.
2 | Pocket mermaid (kimslittlemonsters, $9)
3 | Unicorn lamp (Smoko, $10 on sale)
4 | Unicorn corkscrew (Kikkerland, $17)
5 | “Dragon’s egg” bismuth geode (TheCrystalRitual, $25)
6 | Believe shirt (INSTATEES, $15)
7 | “I’m really a mermaid” necklace (ILoveCrafty, $19). ILoveCrafty has a lot of magical listings.
8 | Triceratops figurine (Barruntando, $22). I realize dinosaur aren’t mythical, but he was too cute not to share in a post.