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Last Minute Costume | Sorry Dancer

October 30, 2015

Last Minute Costume, Sorry Music Video Dancer |

We were invited to a last minute party tomorrow, which calls for a last minute costume! Refinery29 just did a piece on the magical lipstick used in JB’s Sorry music video, & I thought the bold, graphic styles in the video would be fun to wear.  Layer it up or strip it down for whatever climate. You probably have everything you need already. Here’s a quick break down of a “Sorry” dancer outfit:

Last Minute Costume, Sorry Music Video Dancer |

Last Minute Costume, Sorry Music Video Dancer |

On Top
any & all athleisure
crop top
or jersey

On Bottom
high waisted
or short shorts

Finishing Touches
baseball cap, visor, bandanna, or puff buns
bold sunglasses
gold chain necklace
big earrings
knee high sock
thick soled shoes
bright pink lipstick
sorry printable

Last Minute Costume, Sorry Music Video Dancer | Last Minute Costume, Sorry Music Video Dancer | Last Minute Costume, Sorry Music Video Dancer | Last Minute Costume, Sorry Music Video Dancer | Last Minute Costume, Sorry Music Video Dancer |
Last Minute Costume, Sorry Music Video Dancer |


Halloween Recipe Roundup

October 28, 2015

Halloween Recipe Roundup |

We’re going home for Thanksgiving, so we won’t have a chance to make a full course, holiday meal. That’s been a goal of mine since seeing our apartment’s kitchen. Adulthood! Meal planning! Things that make me feel accomplished in the kitchen, thumbs up.

I’ve only really started getting into cooking since moving up to Chicago, so any recipe I try has to be under 15 ingredients and easy to follow. These recipes aren’t crazy involved, and have complimenting flavors. Plus, they’re festive.


Avocado and Wasabi Deviled Eggs
Pumpkin Rolls

Cauldron Curry
Loaded Mashed Potato Spider Web Casserole

Shrunken Head Cider

Salted Caramel Apple Snickers Cake


designer operation game, costume diy

October 26, 2015

DIY Operation Game Costume | ctrlcurate.comDIY Operation Game Costume |

This is M.’s & my first Halloween in the same city, so of course we (I) wanted to do a couple’s costume. The requirements were: it had to be cheap & easy. Digging through our closet to find some base costume elements, I found a pair of scrubs M. wears volunteering. Well, if he was going to be a doctor, I wanted to be the operation game. But not just any operation game, a designer version.

DIY Operation Game Costume |

Black/Nude Shirt
Game Piece Printable [x-ray] [classic]
Glue Stick
X-acto Knife
Velcro Dots

To Make:
1. Find a nude or black shirt to craft on. I got mine for $10 at H&M, but this can be easily thrifted.
2. Print off & cut out the game pieces. I went with an “x-ray” look instead of classic operation pieces, because finding a black shirt was much, much easier. You can grab the [x-ray pieces here] or [classic look pieces here].
3. Outline your pieces onto the chipboard and cut within the lines. This will ensure the chipboard won’t poke out from behind the printout.
4. Glue the printout pieces to the chipboard, using a plastic card to smooth out any bumps.
5. After the glue is dry, use the velcro dots to attach each piece to your shirt.

DIY Operation Game Costume |

Note: If you want to save a few steps & don’t want people ripping off parts of your costume, you could print the pieces directly onto transfer paper.

Double Note: I created all these pieces myself in Illustrator, but if you want different icons, I recommend checking out the Noun Project. The Noun Project is a website where users can upload & share find icons free to use (with attribution credits). You can print these out & make your own custom Operation Costume. Love painting? Print it out and put it over your heart. Cat’s got your tongue? Put this guy over an operation mask. Any easy, personal diy costume.

DIY Operation Game Costume |


Weekend Links

October 23, 2015

10 published posts! ctrl + curate is rolling right along. I’m in full party planning mode, as we decided to host our first Halloween party! In preparation for that, this weekend I’ll be:

+ eating a Chicago classic
+ wondering if anyone lucky enough to live near one of these guys can hook me up
+ found my new, Chicago fall bucket list
+ even with an awesome Halloween DIY roundup, loving these party printables

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Favorite Halloween DIY’s

October 21, 2015

DIY Halloween roundup |

M. & I are still deciding if we’re hosting anything this Halloween- it’s our first apartment but it’s bit out of the way for people. So instead, here are the diy’s I would be doing for my fantasy party for your crafting pleasures.

Coco & Mingo | Printable Halloween Labels
Mini Eco | Pop-up Halloween invitations
The Band Wife | Skull Bookends DIY
Gina Michele | Printed Halloween Candles
The Tomkat Studio | Black Widow Cocktail
Modern Moments Designs | Witches Brew Party
Sugar & Cloth | Bubbly Spiked Dirty Chai Latte